As manager of the US Army Corps of Engineers national water safety program, I would like to offer you my testimonial concerning work done by Paul Moldovanos, aka “The Clayman”. My comments are based on a number of contracting experiences I have had with Paul over the past couple of years and my reaction to not just his art, but to his business demeanor and reliability as a contractor. The Corps is the leading provider of outdoor recreation in the United States today.

Each year, the Corps hosts nearly a half billion visitors on its lakes, rivers and waterways, making water safety a leading concern. My program manages the educational component of the Corps efforts, and distributes materials to nearly every sector of the nation.

We first introduced Paul’s work into our program during the 2000 recreation season. Paul had produced a series of three-dimensional water safety posters, featuring lively and colorful characters, the likes of which the Corps had never used. During the design stage of this first series of posters, Paul was diligent in his coordination and efforts to attain the desired effects I sought.

The success of his efforts on our behalf is noteworthy. More than 120,000 copies of these posters were distributed nationwide that first year, followed by numerous requests for copies of the art to use in other ways beyond posters. Another 60,000 copies of the posters were distributed during the second year, due to popular demand. Today, many Corps of Engineers lakes across the U.S. display varieties of Paul’s art on such things as billboards, hot air balloons, banners, web sites, puzzles, postcards, and kiosks. Interestingly enough, Paul is not as impressed with any of the numbers or uses as he is with the notion that his work might actually save a child from drowning. Now that’s impressive.

Currently, Paul is under contract with us to design and develop additional water safety posters for use throughout the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial (2003-2007). This is an important commemoration to us, involving many areas currently under Corps management. I am pleased with how earnestly Paul has picked up the challenge to provide key water safety images that fit the Bicentennial theme, while providing historically accurate detailing in such things as his characters’ military clothing and boats.

I am pleased to have opportunity to employ Paul’s work in my program. I was lucky to find him, and enthusiastically recommend him.