Good Life Connoisseur Magazine

As the CEO for Fusion Publishing Media Inc., publisher of The Good Life Connoisseur Magazine, I am writing on behalf of Paul Moldovanos ‘The Clayman’.

Paul has been working with our magazine for several past issues as our Photography Editor.
His responsibilities include; reviewing all RAW format images captured during international location shoots, culling sometimes thousands of pictures down to several dozen that appear in the final publications.
His eye for detail and composition results in rich, color-enhanced images which showcase the luxury and beauty our magazine is proud to feature.  Paul works fast but with diligence and he has good working knowledge of various photo editing applications.
I enthusiastically recommend ‘The Clayman’ as both an editor, and as a talented photographer for any positions and contracts he may be pursuing. He takes great pride in his work, conducts himself professionally and is a very personable contractor to work with. ~ Connie Ekelund- CEO